IndieWorks: November Recap

Last Wednesday, we held our November series of IndieWorks at PEOPLE's lounge. It was a fun night with a great blend of filmmakers. Check out the winning filmmakers & photos from the night below.

The awards go to...

At the end of the evening, we announced our winning filmmakers for both Audience Choice Award & Silver Whiskers Award. The Audience Choice Award is voted upon by all those in attendance, and the Silver Whiskers is judged by the CongestedCat Team based on a system rating 8 categories of Story, Dialogue/Writing, Direction, Acting, Cinematography, Sound, Editing, and Production Value. It goes on to screen at our end of the year Best of Fest event.

For the November 2013 lineup, our winning filmmakers were:
    Audience Choice Award:  "Do It Yer'Self" Written/Directed by Mike Dimitroulakos.
    Silver Whiskers Award:  "Guides" Written/Directed by Dani Tenenbaum.

So long, 2013.

We'll be taking a break from IndieWorks this December, picking back up in the new year! We'll have three screenings at the start of 2014 leading up to our Best of Fest screening in April featuring all our Silver Whisker winners of our first year of IndieWorks, hopefully at a more theatrical venue, before picking up with year 2 back at PEOPLE's lounge in June. During our downtime for the rest of 2013, we're going to be working on what's next for IndieWorks & CongestedCat altogether. We won't be hiding at all, though; in addition to our bi-monthly episodes of Kelsey & updates about Summit, we'll be bringing you content like our Insider Series and new #StrictlyIndie Film Views.  Ah, what's that last thing, you say?

#StrictlyIndie Film Views 

We're supporters of Independent Film & try to draw attention to what up-and-comers are working on. As such, we've decided to add a series to our blog where we'll be reviewing independent features. Ryan Kramer is our primary author behind this project, and you can read the first of his series now on "Kill Your Darlings." 

Be sure to check it out and reach out via twitter @ryankramer.