Kelsey (The Web Series) (2013)

Kelsey, a talkative, humorous, and often self-deprecating lesbian, has just ended her long term relationship. Or more precisely, she has been dumped. She isn't sure who could love someone with her bulgy eyes & crooked teeth (which people only notice because she points them out) and weird sense of humor (she laughs loudest at her own jokes, which leaves the question open if the other person did laugh, just not as loud, or if they didn't laugh at all). All she wants is to feel whole again and she is trying to do so by dating new people. She dates all shapes and sizes and comes to one really crucial realization: Everyone is fucking weird. So, where does weird become creepy, where does it become sexy and where might it become happily ever after?

That's what Kelsey's trying to figure out. She finds solace in talking to her best friends: Samantha, Tyrone, and Rowan. They all drink and make the most out of life by supporting each other through the bad and the worse. Check out this new web series by the creative minds of Christina Raia & Kelsey Rauber and follow along as Kelsey navigates love & life with her friends by her side.

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The Series

The series premiered on September 10, 2013 on A new episode premiered on the platform every two weeks after that with a weekly delay on our Vimeo & Youtube channels. (Blip has since been bought by Youtube and discontinued.) 

The 10 episode series has had over 250,000 views & rave reviews! It was a Critic's Pick on Indiewire for 2013's Best Comedy Web Series, & 18 More You Need to Watch Now! It has been featured on BuzzFeed, AfterEllen, OML, SheWired and other press platforms. 

It has been invited  to screen at: 

  • Outfest,

  • Cinema Q,

  • Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Fest,

  • GAZE: Dublin's LGBT Film Fest,

  • Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Fest, and

  • The Portland Queer Film Fest

as part of a best in LGBTQ Web Series panel.

Read Christina's #DirectingKelsey blog series for a look behind the aesthetic choices of the series. 

Read where the series would’ve gone had it continued on our blog.

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"Finally there's a web series to make us forget we're staring at a computer and not something way cooler like the TV. Kelsey, now on Blip.TV, is just as funny and maybe twice as smart as anything airing on primetime." -SheWired

"With Kelsey, creators Christina Raia and Kelsey Rauber (the show’s namesake) build a hysterical story with relatable emotions and themes around solid characters. " -WebVee Guide

"In the semi-autobiographical web series, Kelsey is just as funny as anything currently on the primetime sitcom roster." -AfterEllen

Kelsey is Top Dog on PNT TV...again! "What makes 'Kelsey' so popular is its uniquely clever way it bares the relationship-broken spirit of its star. They have managed to tell a tale we have all gone through in the most hilarious manner."  

"Funny as any popular sitcom on Primetime..Kelsey’s plot and its twists do not speak of advocacy but rather just look to entertain its viewers and show a reality in every lesbian woman’s life: dating and the hardships of breaking up in a funny perspective.” -Lesbian Lifestyle

"Using a conversational tone and suitably crazy self-deprecating character, Kelsey the Web Series, is a charming, amiable, and very likable show" -Comedy TV is Dead

Review of 1st Episode New York Cine Podcast! They talk about it from 15:00 to 28:30. We were rated 4 1/2 out of 5 Sandwiches (stars)!



Creators & Producers
Christina Raia
Kelsey Rauber

Christina Raia

Kelsey Rauber

Peter Westervelt

Jordan Roberts

Asst. Director
Matt Gershowitz



Nichole Yannetty,
Sharina Martin,
Brennan Taylor, &
Daniel K Isaac

Richard Bird
Lauren A. Kennedy

Guest Appearances:
Charlotte E. Simpson
Gina Primavera
Laura Hesse
Tygar Hicks
Christine Cartell


Full Cast & Crew: IMDb