'Kelsey' Blooper Reel - Part 2!

Here's the second and final part of the blooper reel we put together (thanks to our very own Lauren A. Kennedy, or better known to you as Joanne, through L.A. Reels) featuring some fun blunders on set.


By the way, I mentioned in my last Directing Kelsey post that I'd be writing about Episodes 5 & 6 this week and sharing the second blooper reel the following week. But I ended up being busier than expected and didn't have a chance to work on it this week. I'm Upstate near Fort Hood working with I WAS THERE Film Workshops as a Senior Instructor. It's something I've been doing one week out of every month for about a year. I've spoken about this in past blog posts, and you can check out the site if you're interested/curious. Either way, I always overestimate the amount of free time I'll have when doing these workshops. But, no worries, I'll definitely be back next Tuesday with my write-up about the episodes. I hope you got a laugh from the blooper reel; and if you missed the first part, find it here