Christina Raia, @craia9 on Twitter & Instagram. Her personal site.

Writer, Director, Producer with a dozen shorts, a web series, and two features under her belt. Started writing stories at age 5 and has wanted to make movies since middle school. Decided in college to buck industry inequalities & old school thinking, and pursue filmmaking on her own terms. She is thankful that she gets to do just that with her best friends as collaborators.

Industry Interests: representation and intersectionality in film and media, blending genres, exploring social issues through horror, crowdfunding and community-focused filmmaking, testing distribution options to maintain IP and engage audiences.

Movie(s) that made her want to make movies: Anything 90s Tim Burton. Also, Scream.

Favorite Movie of the Year (so far): The Farewell

10 Favorite Movies (of all time)): Alien, Jaws, The Virgin Spring, Get Out, Little Miss Sunshine, Fish Tank, Moonlight, The Thing, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Let the Right One In.

5 Favorite TV Shows (of all time): Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Living Single, Battlestar Galactica, Gilmore Girls, The Twilight Zone.