Vote for the 'IndieWorks: Best of Fest' 10th Film

Last night concluded our monthly screenings for the first year of IndieWorks (recap coming next week), and our Best of Fest is just around the corner on April 3rd. The event will feature the 9 Silver Whisker Award winners of the year, plus one other (details below). Thank you to everyone who submitted and attended the screenings all year. We can't wait to celebrate with you at the Best of Fest.

Since there are 9 films, we decided to have a public vote for a 10th film that will screen along with the others. We've selected 3 films that did exceptionally well in the Audience Choice voting at their respective screenings and received an above average rating by our Scoring System. We also feel that they reflect the diverse variety of genres and stories that we aim to support and showcase at IndieWorks. Please watch all 3 films and VOTE BELOW for the one you'd like to see screen out-of-competition with the Silver Whisker winners of the year at the IndieWorks Best of Fest Finale.

Future Perfect

Fictional Me, Fictional You

Concrete Jungle 

Voting has ended!

*The winner is 'Future Perfect!' We're so excited to have this film and Director Liam Billingham as part of our Best of Fest line-up. We want to thank the filmmakers behind 'Fictional Me, Fictional You' and 'Concrete Jungle' for participating. We're big fans of Hannah Leshaw and Steven Cartoccio, and definitely hope that we'll be given the opportunity to continue supporting their work. We screened 65 films in total this year and we're so honored to have had the opportunity to meet and connect with so many of our talented peers. We would like to thank everyone who voted and/or attended our screenings all year, and hope you'll attend on Thursday to celebrate with us and support the 10 winning filmmakers!  

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*The winning film will not be eligible for the Golden Whiskers Award or the prizes associated with it. But will be eligible for the Audience Choice Award and its monetary prizes. The winner will also be interviewed for our Insider Series if he/she hasn't already. Our sponsors for the Best of Fest are Seed&Spark, the People Lounge & Indiewood/Hollywoodn't.