We Shot a Pilot!

This past weekend we shot our new pilot, Two Gays & a Girl! Over 3 very hot, but very fun & productive days, we shot it on no budget with our small core team and a couple talented new additions. And I have to say, I'm so proud & impressed! With the exception of some very annoying planes overhead on Sunday, we had no major issues. We wrapped early every day, and got all the coverage we planned. We're all really excited to piece it together!

We shared some photos from the shoot on the series Facebook page. We'll be posting more over the next few months. We begin post-production next week, and then it's months of rough cuts & adjustments. We're aiming for a 21 to 23 minute pilot, which we'll submit to the NYTV Festival, and then hopefully be able to pitch it or generate enough interest to get a 9 episode web series fully funded (which would include paying everyone who works on it). For right now though, first thing's first: gotta get the footage off to our editor!

UPDATE: Check out our BTS photos.