Two Gays & a Girl (2015)

When life gives you roommates, make friends. From the creators that brought you 'Kelsey, the webseries,' comes a comedy about Timothy, Amy & Denise.

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Behind the Scenes

Screenings & Awards

2017 Queens World Film Festival

2017 NewFilmmakers NY (Invitational)

The Potential Series

The idea for this pilot came about one day when Christina, Kelsey, and Chris were hanging out doing a promo shoot for an upcoming project. We always have such a shenanigan-filled time together, and play off each other in fun & unique ways. At the time, Christina and Kelsey were coming off the heels of "Kelsey, the webseries," and one of us made a joke that our next series should be a play on the three of us and our friendship.

Who actually said the title first is debatable, but "Two Gays & a Girl" came out of someone's mouth and we immediately fell in love with it and the idea of a series about a lesbian, a gay guy, and a straight girl as best friends and roommates. Soon enough Kelsey and Christina were mapping out the characters, the pilot and where the series could potentially go. We feel it's a fun spin on the typical roommates/friends sitcom sub-genre, while being more true to life and representative of real contemporary groups of friends, especially living in New York (countering the heteronormative, whitewashed version mainstream media continues to perpetuate).

Fo online release purposes, it has been cut down to more of a standalone shot. But we hope it will garner enough interest to allow us to reboot it as a web series with a real budget and audience-driven momentum.


Creators & Producers
Christina Raia
Kelsey Rauber

Christina Raia

Kelsey Rauber

Peter Westervelt

Jordan Roberts 


Lauren A. Kennedy,
Hayward Leach,
Melody Vargas

Guest Appearances:
Gwen Albers
Rafael Sochakov 

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