SUMMIT at Macabre Faire Film Festival Recap

Today was the final festival screening for Summit, and it was a nice ending to its run. I was there with my mom, like in Rhode Island, but two of my cousins were able to attend as well. The venue and overall vibe was a lot like Scare-A-Con, but less busy. This was actually the first time where I didn't sit through the film. I stepped out after the first few minutes because I had to upload it 2 days ago for its VOD release & I just could not sit through it again. But I was able to hear through the door periodically; and hanging outside the room led to other filmmakers coming over to chat with me, which was cool. I also met some wonderful female filmmakers through a panel I spoke in, which included horror icon Eileen Dietz. As for the actual screening, the screen was small, similar to Scare-A-Con, but the sound was better & the picture quality was more solid than at Manhattan. There were only maybe 5 to 8 strangers in the room but they seemed to really enjoy the film based on their comments & questions during the Q&A.  Also, a few actors came up to me expressing interest in working with me after seeing it. The biggest and loveliest surprise was that my high school photo/video teacher, Mr Krywe, who I had not seen in almost 10 years, showed up to see the film. He had with him the "feature" screenplay I wrote when I was 16 and he asked me to sign it. It was truly wonderful seeing him again and hearing that he uses my drive & work ethic back in high school as an example for his current students. He was the first person to introduce me to the technical aspects of filmmaking & I'm really grateful to have had him as a teacher. He asked me to come speak to his class (which has now become much more decked out than when I was there) and I'm really looking forward to doing so. I can feel that a few unexpected opportunities may have come out of today.

We did not win any awards this time around; however, I'm proud to have been nominated as 1 of 5 films in 4 categories (including the most prestigious of Best Feature & Best Director) out of 30 features. And I'm just glad the audience seemed to enjoy the film. 

Here are some photos from the day. (I'll add professional shots when the festival releases them.)

And here's a quick moment from the panel. 


Summit will FINALLY be released for rent or purchase tomorrow on Vimeo on Demand & VHX! Please support both this film & us in making our next one by renting or buying it as soon as you can! Thank you!


CORRECTION: I found out later that we won Best Sound. I appreciate the recognition, but it's an odd win. I would say sound is our most overt weakness due to environmental circumstances & lack of budget. It's actually quite cringeworthy at times, if I'm being honest. However, maybe they appreciated the choices in the sound design. In any case, I'm grateful to Colin Harrington, who did 100% of the hands on work by himself, both during production and in post.