Meet Cecilia! (Seed&Spark update)

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We're 31% funded. We have a long way to go but we're moving along thanks to all of you! 

Cinnamon is a star, no doubt. But About a Donkey is of course not really about a donkey. It's about the people around that donkey, their relationships with each other before and after her arrival, and how they each evolve. So casting the film was definitely a lengthy and important process. The performances would make or break a film like this, and thankfully we have an incredibly talented and dedicated ensemble of actors (who are also wonderful people to get to spend time and collaborate with). Christina Shea-Wright was the first actor we cast (way back in June 2016!), as Cecilia. There is no main character in the film; but Cecilia is the only one that interacts with every other character. She's a bit of the audience's anchor through the intertwining stories. We knew we needed to dedicate time to finding the right person to play her. Christina was one of the first actors we actually called in in person for the role though, and we knew right away that she was the perfect fit for Cecilia. She's such a lovely person to work with, and such a skilled actor who brings beautifully emotional weight to even the driest of punchlines. Watch what she has to say about her character and the film. 

More about Cecilia in the film:

Cecillia is a good-hearted, sarcastic, lady-loving woman who is currently unemployed. She passes her days spending time at her grandmother's nursing home coming up with new inventions to help the elderly. She's been single for a while, so when she meets the new-to-town caretaker, sparks start flying.

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