juice it

"Juice It" Online Premiere

Today we finally premiere Christina's short "Juice It," online for the world to see. Shot back in August 2013, after Summit (January) and 'Kelsey' (May-July), on less than $500, made possible thanks to many of our favorite people, we present Christina's absurd take on the true story of she and Justin (her fiancé) attempting a juice cleanse. 

Christina has recapped all of its festival screenings (that she's attended). First back in September at the Coney Island Film Festival, then in March at the Queens World Film Festival, and most recently in May at the Damn! Film Series

"Juice It" at the DAMN! Film Series

"Juice It" was invited to screen at the Damn! Film Series tonight as part of their comedy block. It was a light crowd, but a really fun lineup and inviting atmosphere. The audience definitely enjoyed the film. With only about 25 people in house, laughter still filled the room. We're glad we were part of this freshman screening series and are interested in seeing how they grow when they come back for their second year. See some photos below.

Christina interviewed for Damn Film Series Podcast

Have a listen to this interview Christina did about 'Juice It' with the people behind the Damn Film Series as part of their podcast The Story Around the Story. It's a little choppy and the audio quality has issues due to some technical difficulties. But it's a fun listen nonetheless. 'Juice It' will be screening as part of the series on May 11th.