Come Here Often? (2011)

An off-beat short comedy film about a young man's endearing attempts to gain the attention of a beautiful girl in the most awkward of settings, an STD clinic. His struggle to start up a conversation is geared by his quirky yet pathetic awkwardness and his unrelenting verbal diarrhea. (Our first short-Made while in school.) 


Screenings & Awards

Writer, Director, Producer:
Christina Raia
Chris Carroll
Matt Gershowitz

Andres Monsalve
Emma Barrett
Grace Loren
Kelsey Lynn Stokes
DeShane Granger
Mallory Wyman
Ira Grunther

*2013 International Film Festival of Manhattan

*2013 My Final Shot Production -Shorts Showcase (Invitational)

*2012 Katra Grand Finale in unison with the East Harlem Film Festival January 2013 

*Women in Art event at Ooba Lounge in connection with 2013 Reel Works of NYC (Invitational)

*2013 Cinema Night at Brooklyn's Tiki Bar (Invitational)

*2012 Official Selection and Audience Choice winner at the August Katra Film Series

Full Cast & Crew: IMDb