Enough (2017)

The lives of three women collide in one night when two of them decide to rob the house the other is house sitting. 

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Behind the Scenes

Screenings & Awards

2018 Bluestocking Film Series

2018 Queens World Film Festival

2018 Nightmares Film Festival

2018 Blackbird Film Festival    (Foreboding Film Award Nominee)

2018 Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival

2018 Women in Horror Film Festival (Best Thriller Short Nominee)

2018 Shocktober Film Festival

2018 Directed by Women: NYC Shorts of all Sorts

2017 Ax Wound Film Festival


Writer, Director, Producer, Editor
Christina Raia

Peter Westervelt

Assistant Director/Editor
Matt Gershowitz


Kristine Gordon,
Dani Thomas,
Gwen Albers

Adam Lim
Christina Shea-Wright 

Director Statement

As a filmmaker, I like to use genre as a way to address broader social issues. Fundamentally, this short film breaks gender stereotypes in a genre typically reserved for men, while also commenting on the current socio-economic challenges for most young people (particularly women) through the lens of characters who have turned to the extreme just to survive. The original script was a little less subtle in what each character was meant to represent. I decided in the edit to lean into the genre more, cut some of the context, and let the subtext live in visuals in the background as easter eggs for rewatch. I believe that it is a film that has the versatility of allowing people to walk away merely entertained or walk away thinking about the bigger picture that was being subtly explored.

Behind the production: 
Over Thanksgiving of 2012, I found myself going to the emergency room despite not having insurance because of unexpected chest pains. The doctor on call dismissed my symptoms, which led to a few costly follow ups. (It turned out to be an ongoing acute asthma attack due to hurricane sandy.) Around this time, I had also gotten my first student loan bill that I couldn't afford to pay. And though I am not a single mother, my mom is, and I often think about how much she struggled with such little societal support. It was a few months later that I took these experiences and the frustration I was feeling to paper and wrote "Enough." I originally intended to make the film in late 2014, after my 1st feature began festival rounds. But I didn't want to make it on no-budget (not paying people felt counter-productive to the themes of the project), and my funds were going towards other projects at the time. So, I pushed the project off and focused on others. However, in Fall of 2016, I was in pre-production for my 2nd feature and feeling bogged down by the prep work - just itching to be back on set - while also looking for an outlet to channel the trepidation and anger I found myself feeling during the election & what felt like a sudden nationwide endorsement of hate & greed. So, I reached out to everyone who had originally expressed interest in the film and asked if they'd be down to do it with no budget but a lot of passion. Thankfully, they were. The film was shot over 2 days, and it completed post-production in Spring 2017.