Night In (2016)

During a quiet night in, a young woman knows she's not so alone. (Watch through the credits!)

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Behind the Scenes

Screenings & Awards

2019 Blackbird Film Festival

2017 Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

2017 Ax Wound Film Festival

2017 Nightmares Film Festival

2017 Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival (Award Nominee)

2017 Chain NYC Film Festival

Slaughter Movie House (October 2017 Screening)


Director Statement

This film originally came about because I wanted to shoot one final (fourth) short in my apartment at the time before moving. I challenged myself to come up with something that could be shot in one night, on no more than $100, with a skilled skeleton crew and without dialogue; but still be something that's fun & compelling, and worth everyone's time & talent. From there, "Night In" was born.


Reading this will spoil the experience of a 3 minute short. Only read if you've seen the film. 

If I get very specific about this piece, though, I'd have to say the real inspiration for what I ended up making out of that decision to just make something is rooted in the fact that in August 2016, when this was shot, Donald Trump was polluting the airwaves. Blatant misogyny (along with racism, xenophobia, homophobia, toxic masculinity and a general entitlement-fueled bigotry) was not only being tolerated but accepted and excused at an alarming rate. I found myself feeling anxious and angry and wanting to take some sort of action that felt like I was slashing the patriarchy -- so I made this film. Considering where we are now, it feels even more cathartic being able to share it with an audience.

I've learned that fun & humor will always be my go-to though, even when rooted in darkness. I'm a huge horror fan and often enjoy subverting genre tropes, especially in terms of gender. I mainly set out to play with audience expectations and conditioning with this piece. I feel it could equally be examined for commentary or just enjoyed as a small kernel of fun. (Pun intended.)


Dani Thomas

Ryan Kramer

Full Cast & Crew: IMDb


Writer, Director, Producer, Editor:
Christina Raia

Jeanette Sears

Alexandra Kalinowski