Night In (2017)

During a quiet night in, a young woman finds she's not so alone.

Screenings & Awards

2017 Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

2017 Ax Wound Film Festival

2017 Chain NYC Film Festival

Slaughter Movie House (October 2017 Screening)



Dani Thomas

Ryan Kramer

Full Cast & Crew: IMDb


Writer, Director, Producer, Editor:
Christina Raia

Jeanette Sears

Alexandra Kalinowski

Director Statement

This film originally came about because I wanted to shoot one final (fourth) short in my apartment (at the time) before moving. I challenged myself to come up with something that could be shot in one night, on no more than $100, with a skilled skeleton crew and without dialogue; but still be something that's fun & compelling, and worth everyone's time & talent. From there, "Night In" was born.


Reading this will spoil the experience of a 3 minute short. Only read if you've seen the film. (Coming Soon)