Kelsey Rauber, @aspire this on Twitter, @kelseyshows on Instagram

Writer, Producer of many things indie film (a web series, 3 shorts, a feature). She's always needed a way to express herself creatively and discovered through the help of her CongestedCat family that she wasn't always the only person laughing at her jokes. In 2018, she tried directing for the first time. She strives to tell stories that encourage critical thinking as well as introspection for that is the only way she has learned to grow herself.

Industry Interests: LGBTQ content, representation and intersectionality in film and media, most recently all things Cate Blanchett.

Movie(s) that made her want to make movies: Bridesmaids

Favorite Movie of the Year (so far): Always Be My Maybe

10 Favorite Movies (at the moment): Carol, Bridesmaids, The Shining, The Sixth Sense, Charlie's Angels, Groundhog Day, Zootopia, White Christmas, Get Out, Moonlight.

5 Favorite TV Shows (of all time): Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Golden Girls, Insecure, Transparent, Friends.