Ryan Kramer, @ryankramer on Twitter, @kramervscoffee on Instagram

Writer, Director of four shorts, as well as contributor in some capacity to all of CongestedCat's projects. Realized filmmaking was something he wanted to pursue some time between a high school viewing of The Birds and when his birthfather first showed him A Bronx Tale. He's incredibly grateful to have found his best friends and CongestedCat collaborators through attending Hunter College.

Industry Interests: writing for television, representation and intersectionality in film and media, exploring social issues through genre, audience building methods.

Movie(s) that made him want to make movies: A Bronx Tale, anything Tarantino.

Favorite Movie of the Year (so far): Her Smell

10 Favorite Movies (at the moment): The Thing, The Faculty, City of God, Alien, Hereditary, Black Swan, Moonlight, Chungking Express, Rear Window, Get Out.

5 Favorite TV Shows (of all time): The Wire, OZ, Gantz, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Park and Recreation.