TV Pilot

Christina's Script Wins Award at NY Screenplay Contest

My TV Pilot Script for "The Randoms" has won the Empire Award in the Sitcom division of the 2013 New York Screenplay Contest!  


Screen shot 2013-09-21 at 3.52.13 PM.png

"The Randoms" Logline: Sally, a 37 year old single woman, with an intrusive family, soon realizes her life will never be the same after she becomes a House Mother to a group of international college girls. 

The series is a dramedy I came up with & wrote the pilot for back in December of 2010 for a TV Writing Class (which is also where I became friends with Kelsey & Ryan). I've revised the pilot a few times since & I've written a bible mapping out what the whole first season could be (and even where it could go after that). It's a series I originally wanted to try to get in the hands of Netflix execs when they were first talking original programming. With all celebrity-driven series now being picked up, that prospect seems less realistic. But it's still the ideal platform for the show. So I'll keep submitting the pilot script around and hope to get it in the right hands one day. It also made Official Selection at the 2013 Las Vegas Comedy Fest and made the Semi-Finals of the 2012 NEXTV Festival!

If you're interested in reading it & helping get it optioned, feel free to send us a message.