Revelations (2018)

On a common girl's night, two adult women with burdening secrets can no longer keep them from each other.

*Currently on festival circuit. Not yet available to watch online. 

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Behind the Scenes

Director Statement

For a while now I've wanted to direct a short, mostly to improve my writing. I love to try new things, probably because I have a real fear of becoming stagnant in life. And I am obsessed with lesbian content as well as representation of adult women beyond the usual "husband left/cheated on her, then she xyz" narrative. So, I knew I wanted it to be about two women with secrets. 

Screenings & Awards

2019 Adirondack Film Festival

2019 Queer-Streifen Film Festival

2019 LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival

2018 (SIFF) Switzerland International Film Festival


Writer, Director, Editor
Kelsey Rauber

Christina Raia

Kimberly Drew Whiten

Assistant Director, Editor
Matt Gershowitz


Katherine Wessling & Dana Scurlock

Full Crew: IMDb