Revelations (2018)

On a common girl's night, two adult women with burdening secrets can no longer keep them from each other.

*Currently on festival circuit. Not yet available to watch online. 

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Director Statement


For a while now I've wanted to direct a short, mostly to improve my writing. I love to try new things, probably because I have a real fear of becoming stagnant in life. And I am obsessed with lesbian content as well as representation of adult women beyond the usual "husband left/cheated on her, then she xyz" narrative. So, I knew I wanted it to be about two women with secrets. 

Screenings & Awards

2018 (SIFF) Switzerland International Film Festival

2019 LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival

Writer, Director, Editor
Kelsey Rauber

Christina Raia

Kimberly Drew Whiten

Assistant Director, Editor
Matt Gershowitz


Katherine Wessling & Dana Scurlock

Full Crew: IMDb