Still Water (2018)

A young girl gets some much needed advice from her mother on how to overcome her fear of the water... or so she thinks.

*Currently on festival circuit. Not yet available to watch online. 

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Behind the Scenes


Writer, Director:
Ryan Kramer

Christina Raia

Jeanette Sears

Assistant Director/Editor
Matt Gershowitz

Director Statement

The idea for Still Water came to me after one of our writing groups with Christina & Kelsey. Location is always one of the toughest things to acquire when shooting on no budget. I don't like to restrict my writing to location, but when I thought of the fact that I could have access to a pool during the summer for a shoot, my mind began to race, grasping for ideas for a film within my favorite genre. I fell in love with the idea of a mother daughter relationship, where I could explore how our imagination affects us, especially at an age where you’re susceptible to everything. I feel like, as a kid, I went through different stages with my imagination. At first, it was the source of fun and creativity. Every toy, every inanimate object had a story. There's a feeling of invincibility that comes with running away with your imagination, but in time, that same source of joy can become a stifling sense of fear. That's the grey area in which I wanted to explore. How your imagination can be your best friend and your worst enemy. 
The other underlying theme in the film is the horrors of parenting, and the line you dance around between smothering and giving your child too much freedom. We all hear stories of how someone turned their head for just a moment to find their child missing. I'm not a parent myself, but I'm sure any adult can empathize with such an innate fear.



Kaylin Hedges & Colleen Slattery

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