Behind the Whiskers

CongestedCat Productions is an award winning narrative production company that is very active in the New York indie film scene. Our monthly film series IndieWorks, now in its fourth year, has screened over 150 local filmmakers. Founder Christina Raia’s motivation was to create a sense of community amongst local filmmakers where they could make connections and find collaborators, which is why the screenings remain free to attend.

In addition to IndieWorks, CongestedCat has produced an impressive body of work ranging in genre, style and form. All of our projects aim to offer opportunities for underrepresented talent in front and behind the camera. Inclusivity has been a driving force in our collaborations and we will continue to create a space in which individuals can prosper, regardless of race, gender and orientation. Notable releases include feature film Summit and Kelsey (the web series). 


Meet the Team

Christina Raia Writer, Director, Producer

Christina Raia
Writer, Director, Producer

Kelsey Rauber Writer, Producer

Kelsey Rauber
Writer, Producer

Chris Carroll Photographer

Chris Carroll

Ryan Kramer Writer, Actor

Ryan Kramer
Writer, Actor

Matt Gershowitz Editor, VFX, Asst. Director

Matt Gershowitz
Editor, VFX, Asst. Director


How We Started

CongestedCat was originally founded by filmmaker Christina Raia & photographer Chris Carroll in 2011. Christina & Chris grew up together and stayed friends into adulthood, largely bonded by their mutual aspiration to work in the arts. When Christina began pursuing independent filmmaking with full force while still in college, Chris proposed they collaborate and establish a production company that would bring a fresh perspective to the art of filmmaking. Christina's classmates Kelsey RauberMatt Gershowitz, and Ryan Kramer were immediately brought in as core members. Soon after shooting Summit, Chris moved on to focus on fashion photography & Kelsey became Christina's collaborating producer for the company. 

Current Collaborators

Peter Westervelt
Director of Photography

Ricardo Manigat
IndieWorks Host

Gwen Albers
IndieWorks Host

Kimberly Whiten
Insider Series Video/Editor

Grayson Davis

Where We're Headed

We're currently on the festival circuit with one short, with another in post-production, and two more slated for production at the end of this year (2016). We also have two potential web series on the horizon, one of them a planned reboot of our soon to be released pilot, Two Gays & a Girl. Most significantly, we're currently in pre-production for our second feature, About a Donkeyslated for production in Spring 2017. We also aim to continue growing IndieWorks and supporting the community in creative and innovative ways.